Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How To Make $50 A Day Online (No Investments Needed)

         This is a Basic Strategy Guide that will teach you how to make REAL money online without investing your own money. The thing is that to make $50 bucks a day will take some time. But once you learn how to make $50 a day online, you will be overwhelmed at how much money other members actually make, but keep in mind that the name and key to this achievement is PATIENCE!

        The name of the website is called Neobux. (To go straight to the website click on the green word neobux and it will open up in another tab >> Neobux). You’ll start with a couple of cents at first. Now, remember it’s a PATIENCE type of game with this method, I didn't invest any money to start. If you have money to invest, then go ahead and invest, all I can say on that note is that you WILL see FASTER RESULTS than I did. The trick on how to make $50 with Neobux and how to start making real earnings is RENTED REFERRALS! That is the second Key besides having patience. So in other words if you don’t have referrals then you will still make some money but not as much to replace any other income in your household, so if you want HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars a month then you DEFINITELY WILL need rented referrals. You can rent referrals directly from NeoBux with the money you earned on the site, not from out of your pocket. The rented referrals are real people just as you and they help make you money. Now once you rent them you need to manage them so expect for some to be ACTIVE and some will be INACTIVE.

        But do not worry because that’s where "RECYCLING" comes in handy. What’s recycling? It’s when you recycle an inactive referral for an active one, the cost for this is only $0.06 cents. So once again… NO RECYCLE means LOST MONEY (I usually give them at most 5 days). It’s no good to have people that don’t work for you right? Then recycle and get them ACTIVE. Okay now enough with the babbling and let me show you how to make $50 with Neobux. READY! GOOD… Let’s get this money!!!

Step 1:
        I can’t stress this enough… Clicking Your Ads Every day is VERY important, Now, When you have earned your first $0.75 cents by clicking on your own ads (if you don't invest some of your own money) you can buy your first pack of 3 referrals (Which cost $0.60 cents) But DO NOT BUY REFERRALS YET! It’s going to take a couple of days to earn your $0.75 cents by yourself and most people are desperate to have some referrals under their belt. Most members that do this don’t realize that they don’t have enough funds to manage or pay for their Referrals and eventually are taken away from them.

Step 2:
        Ok so NO RENTING until you reach at least $1.50 on YOUR OWN, again UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO INVEST. Now once you reach your $1.50 cents in your main balance transfer 1 dollar to your rental balance. Now you should have $1 dollar in your Rental Balance and .50 cents in your Main Balance. What this does is it helps you maintain your Rented Referrals in case you need to RECYCLE them or pay to keep them for an extra month or more. It’ll be a while before you earn $1.50 on your own, but with this method of managing your Rental Referrals you’ll be able to keep your referrals or exchange the ones that are inactive for ones that are active and click daily without the fear and concern that you won’t be able to pay/manage them.
Step 3:
        Now that you have $1.00 in your rental balance you can buy your first pack of 3 Rental Referrals, Another thing that is a MUST is Autopay. Once you rent your first pack of 3 referrals enable Autopay (you will find this on the page where your referrals are listed). To keep your referrals they cost $0.22 cents per month. So what this does is instead of you paying for the referral every month, they pay for themselves as long as your Autopay is enabled. What it does is it subtracts one of the advertisements your referral views each day and puts it towards the $0.22 cents that rental referral needs to stay for another month. So you get 0.04 cents from each referral, but they will remain to be your referral as long as they are active and are viewing their ads.
Step 4:
        Now I know everyone’s question is “When can I cash out?” Well cashing out too early is the biggest problem for most newbies in NeoBux. When you request a payment from Neobux, YES it is INSTANTLY transferred to your PayPal, Payza, or Neteller accounts. So here’s the problem… Most people will transfer their payout (Which is $2.00 in Neobux) to their accounts to check if Neobux is legitimate… which it definitely is. So Now HOO-RAYY! You have 2 WHOLE DOLLARS in your account. Now in REALITY those $2 SHOULD have gone to your Rental Balance so you can buy more Rental Referrals. So use this strategy every time you transfer $1.00 to your rental balance before you buy another 3 pack of referrals. So remember that $1.00 per referral. I didn’t cash out till I had over 1000+ referrals and that's when I was making at least $50 a day. You can make more with more referrals, but remember it’s a PATIENCE game and plus it will be every well worth it once you get the hang of learning how to make $50 with Neobux!

Step 5:
        Now keep renting your referrals by increments of 3 (If you can afford to rent by higher increments later as your referrals make you more money then I would definitely say go for it, Just remember $1.00 per referral) and keep it going until you reach 300-500 referrals. This will take a little while for you to achieve this goal so remember this is where your patience is desperately needed because most newbies fade out at this part. Once you have 300-500 referrals, DO NOT buy anymore Rented Referrals and maintain the ones you have. Now keep at this until you have earned $120.00 dollars ($90 Dollars for the GOLDEN Membership and $30 dollars for extra cash to manage your Rented Referrals as a GOLDEN member), Trust me earning $120 dollars won’t take long to earn once you have 300-500 Referrals and once you upgrade to GOLDEN your earnings will DOUBLE. This is my favorite part. The cost for Golden is $90 a year but instead of earning .0005 (half a cent) for every ad your referral views, you’ll earn $0.01 cent in your Main Balance. Your earnings DOUBLE. So basically that’s it!!! Have PATIENCE, Click EVERY DAY, and remember DO NOT CASHOUT TILL YOU REACH 1000+ RENTED REFERRALS. SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE AND GET STARTED!

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